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Right to Life Newsletter - "The Life Saver"

Many people think of pregnancy care centers and pro-life counseling groups as the "David" in a battle against "Goliath" - groups like the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), Planned Parenthood, the National Organization of Women, and others of like mind.

Itís easy to see these groups in Goliath-like terms. They have million$ - even billion$ of dollars at their disposal. The Press is often an advocate for their causes, and years of masterful public relations continue to pay off with potential customers.

What about us? Well, we struggle with our budgets at times, the media is more apt to go after us because of our views, and we havenít had the opportunities to develop a public relations machine. Yet, before we think we canít compete against these groups, we must remember that the Lord is still on His throne, just as He was in Davidís day. And, though David only had some stones and a
slingshot, the Lord gave him the battle. Later, David ruled over the most powerful kingdom on earth. It all started with the powerful faith that only comes from the Lord, and a few stones.

Much like David, we are called into battle with very little - at least in comparison to what we are up against, but that shouldnít make us shrink away. Instead, it allows us to put our faith where it belongs
- in the Lord. With that faith, we can move ahead with boldness, knowing that if our trust is in the right place, as well as our motives, He will be on watch over us at all times.

One day, we believe, all of those powerful organizations are going to fall - by Godís power. Thankfully, He is giving us an opportunity to be a part of His plan in crumbling what others believe impenetrable fortresses. Because, each morning when we see new clients, we join other centers and pro-life warriors around the country in chipping away at those fortresses.

One piece at a time we continue to hammer away at the rock and tiny pieces fall by the wayside. As we faithfully continue, we are always looking for more to join us. Weíre looking for those driven, not by a cause, but by love because we realize that it is good that overcomes evil.

Are you interested? Do you believe that love - and the good that comes from that love - can topple the mighty and the proud and change hearts and lives? If thatís who you are, we would like for you to join us. Together, letís chip away at the fortresses with love and perseverance as our driving forces.
To join the team of Alpha Center for Women contact Lori Chamblin at 629-4357.
To join the team of pro-life "pray-yers" at the abortion mill, contact Ed Martin 629-5553.