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Mission From God House of Prayer

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About Maria Rocha

Maria Rocha was born on the Island of San Miguel,
Azores and left for America with her mother, father and
sister at the age of fourteen. When she arrived, she
could not speak a word of English. Today, this unas-
suming housewife and mother of three children travels
the world with her healing ministry.
Over a quarter of a century ago, Maria was in her
home basement doing her laundry, when a thick white
cloud descended upon her. She said, I was so fright-
ened, I could not move. Then a womans voice spoke
these words to her, I am the Mother of Jesus, do not
be afraid because my Son is going to bless you with
many gifts. She repeated the same words again and
then the cloud disappeared. Maria thought she was go-
ing insane. The next day she was at her kitchen sink,
and it happened again. The cloud descended upon her
and the Lady spoke the same words.
One day, soon after that, Maria said, I was in my
prayer room and I felt a very strong presence of the
Lord. When I opened my eyes there in front of me was
Jesus, standing right there in my room. He said,
Maria, my Mother told you I have a gift for you. I
would like to give you a ministry. Would you be will-
ing to serve me Maria continued, I said, Yes!
Then Jesus said, I am going to give you a healing min-
istry and many other gifts of My Holy Spirit, are you
willing to accept this Maria said, Yes! Yes, Lord.
Then Jesus said, You pray for healing and I will do
the rest.
Within a few months Maria noticed that her heart had
been totally healed of a condition she had since child-
Since that fateful day when Maria saw the Lord, she
has traveled throughout the world praying for healing
and God has answered her prayers. Maria has never
taken a salary from her ministry. To maintain her min-
istry, she relies on the love offerings from the people
she serves with the permission of her Bishop, the
Roman Catholic Bishop of Providence,
Rhode Island and the Bishop of Orlando, Florida.

Maria has been an Apostolate of Prayer and Healing
for over 25 years in the New England area,
Florida, Puerto Rico, California, Canada, South Dakota, The Azores,
New York and Israel.